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St Leo’s is excited to launch our new Learning Den in 2018. . St Leo’s Learning Den provides a  state of the art digital learning platform where students document their learning journey at the College. The Learning Den is centered around the six Growth Domains and provides students a digital space to document their spiritual, academic, physical, cultural, social/emotional and environmental growth.


At St Leo’s we acknowledge that every child is a unique individual with their own strengths, weaknesses, interests, talents and needs. We aim to find student’s passion and nurture it. Each student, with the assistance of their Mentor teacher, develop Personalised Learning Plans identifying their own strengths and areas for development, goals for growth and strategies to achieve these goals.

With the support of their Mentor teachers, students will utilise the St Leo’s Learning Den to record their goals, reflect and monitor their own growth. The Learning Den allows students to construct a digital portfolio of their progress towards their learning goals. The St Leo’s Learning Den will become the basis of regular learning conversations between students, teachers and parents.

This digital portfolio can be used as evidence of the skills students have developed while at St Leo’s and will be a valuable tool for future employment.


  • “We chose this high school for our children because of the pastoral care for the students and the academic focus that is balanced with physical development.”

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