Community Tutoring


What is the Community Tutoring Program?

The program assists students who need that ‘little extra help’ to achieve their full potential. Our tutors are volunteers; many are parents both of present and past St Leo’s students, some are ex-students, some are grandparents, some are education students at university, and some are from the general community. We welcome all volunteers! The main focus is on basic literacy and numeracy.


What are the program’s aims?

  • Improve the literacy and numeracy outcomes for students at all levels
  • Measure the improvement in students’ outcomes
  • Support class activities with minimal impact on the overall class or school schedule
  • Support teachers in their efforts at engaging students
  • Encourages community involvement in a meaningful and rewarding program which directly improves student outcomes


What are the achievements of the program?

  • Students, of various academic levels, report enjoyment of the program and awareness of their improved capabilities.
  • Parents report improved confidence in their children and have observed greater engagement in their child’s school assignments and general interest in learning.
  • Teachers have reported a noticeable improvement in the level and quality of the work submitted by students’ participation in the Community Tutoring Program.
  • St Leo’s Catholic College has used the NAPLAN results to further analyse the advantages for students participating in the program. Consistently the NAPLAN results have indicated that students who received tutoring achieved greater growth than the general cohort.


Can you help?  No experience needed!

This very successful Community Tutoring Program is always looking to welcome new tutors to assist our students with some one-to-one instruction in basic literacy or numeracy. If you or if you know of someone else who may be able to assist:  friends, neighbours, relatives (including grandparents), in fact anyone who may have as little as one hour a fortnight to help, please contact the program’s volunteer ‘Leader of Community Tutors’, Sarah Szacsvay for a chat. 

Mobile:                0421 082 909

Home:                  9875 2843




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