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Connectedness, three-way communication and a sense of belonging are key features of the St Leo’s community. We value partnerships with parents, teachers and students so that everyone in our community can participate and engage in College life.

The St Leo’s Parent Network is unique.

The Network is established on the principles of parent participation, openness and transparency, flexibility and simplicity.

The Network recognises and values the role that parents and carers play in the education of their children, and aims to strengthen the partnership between family, school and parish.

The St Leo’s College Board assists the Principal and College Leadership Team in supporting the mission and vision of the College. In addition to staff and local clergy, the Board includes parents who are actively involved in activities and programs that build the St Leo’s community, strengthen partnerships between families and the College and reach out to those in need.

At St Leo’s we know that each individual member of our community has unique gifts and talents, and we welcome all.



  • “St Leo’s College provides a safe, well-balanced learning environment. We are privileged to be able to give this to our children.”

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