Youth Ministry


13874890_10207591577082417_805590885_n Youth ministry begins in the College, but reaches out beyond the College in a number of ways. Under the guidance of the Youth Ministry Leader, students at St Leo’s have an opportunity to be involved in:

  • Social justice and outreach programs, especially those linked to St Vincent de Paul and visits to Grange Aged care facility;
  • Activities such as street retreats and reflection days and  World Youth Day;
  • Eucharistic ministries and sacramental preparation with RCIC;
  • Assisting with the liturgical life of the school;
  • Linking students to broader experiences of Church including parish;
  • Fostering prayer experiences such as the Abbey, Bible reading and Rosary.

St Leo’s aims to live the goal “to educate and form young people in Catholic discipleship: offering them experiences of following Jesus as members of the Catholic community.” (Sourced from Diocese of Broken Bay)


  • “We chose this high school for our children because of the pastoral care for the students and the academic focus that is balanced with physical development.”

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