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There is a significant focus at the College on living out the joy of the Gospel by putting our faith into action. This is demonstrated in the way we treat each other, the way we learn, and in particular in the way we participate in Social Justice.

Our Outreach Programme is integral to the College Social Justice Programme, involving local, national and international immersion experiences. Students learn about social justice and the structural inequalities that create barriers in our society. They are able to put compassion into action by personally reaching out to help those in need.

Year 10 have the opportunity to participate in overseas immersions to the Pacific Island of Kiribati to work with The Sacred Heart School and assist the surrounding communities. Other immersion experiences include the bi-annual Outback Reconciliation Pilgrimage, and Year 10 Street Retreats.


Students are encouraged to participate in the many other social justice activities including St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol, visits to the local nursing home and fundraisers for a variety of charitable organisations. The College actively promotes student involvement in leadership roles. Students are able to be members of the St Leo’s Chapter of the St Vincent de Paul Society and work in their colour Houses to focus on student led social justice initiatives and fundraisers such as Caritas’ Project Compassion, Vinnies Winter Appeal and the Christmas Giving Tree and Appeal.


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