Retreats and Reflection Days


abbey Retreats and reflection days are part of St Leo’s Religious Education program. They are generally held away from the distractions of the normal school environment to help students to better focus on themselves, their spirituality, their future and their relationships with each other and God. They incorporate activities and discussions relevant to the students’ age and social, emotional and mental development.


Adolescents are challenged to examine their faith in the context of their everyday lives, and to think about the role their faith will have in their future. The major focus of retreat is on spirituality, with students and teachers sharing liturgies and meditation, Eucharist celebrations, group discussions and individual reflections. Games and physical activities encourage community bonding.


The focus of reflection days is to build a sense of community and to provide an opportunity for students to reflect on various aspects of their development as spiritual beings. This includes experiences of music, prayer and ritual that enhance their understanding and support them as they journey toward adulthood.


  • “St Leo’s College provides a safe, well-balanced learning environment. We are privileged to be able to give this to our children.”

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