In Drama, students develop life-long skills in collaboration, persistence, initiative, creativity and critical thinking. They study a variety of theatrical forms and styles such as Melodrama, Commedia dell’arte and Greek Theatre, and use their collaborative and creative skills to produce their own plays.

Senior students can build on their performance skills by staging their own production. They and have successfully staged Sweeney Todd, Cosi, and are currently rehearsing the acclaimed children’s theatre play Masquerade by Australian playwright Kate Mulvany.

To extend their appreciation of drama and theatre, and give them inspiration for their own playbuilding, students attend a number of excursions throughout the year from nominated HSC performances at OnStage to professional productions.


St Leo’s also provides students with extra-curricular drama opportunities, such as participation in the College musical, drama ensemble and liturgical performances. 



  • “The caring environment, the teachers and staff at St Leo’s are amazing, a truly fabulous group of people who have made our last 6 years at the school a pure joy! Through difficulties they have supported us all the way … Read More

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