STEMM Excursion to The San Hospital Wahroonga


STEMM Excursion to The ‘SAN’ Hospital Wahroonga.

We live in a fast changing world, especially in the areas of ‘STEMM’.

(=Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Medicine).


It was such a rewarding and inspiring experience for our female students who attended this event. The presenters were informative, engaging, enthusiastic, eloquent and entertaining. This included a variety of dedicated women in their specific professions presenting. All the presenters’ careers related to medicine in a variety of ways, encompassing all of STEMM. For example, we were informed about a variety of different careers including: Midwifery (from specialised nursing), Radiology, Oncology as well as a variety of medical (surgical) specialities, including how robotics are being used in surgery to improve the health and recovery time of individuals.


Our girls heard how some successful women in a variety of medical fields shared their expertise and their journey to their current career (sometimes via unexpected pathways). They shared their interest and passions in their specific professions, but helping unwell people was paramount.

Overall, the message clear: a variety of technologies and so related careers are now changing at a rapid pace.


With subject selections for our current Year10 students approaching, we hope that our students will be inspired and encouraged to choose ‘STEM’ related subjects. This excursion was a wonderful opportunity to help students identify some of the potential areas that they might consider looking towards their future tertiary studies. When they enter the workforce many new jobs and technologies will have been invented. ‘There is no escape from new technology.’


Mrs L Sykes, Mrs. S. Hasman & Mrs. H. Wessels.



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