Code of Conduct



At St Leo’s Catholic College, we believe that all students, their families and employees have the right to a safe and supportive learning environment. We all share a responsibility to teach, foster, promote and encourage positive behaviours from all students.


At St Leo’s Catholic College we believe in adopting proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviours to create a positive school environment to enhance learning.


Behaviour Management and student discipline is underpinned by the College Mission Statement and the College Values Statement.



‘We are committed to the formation of confident, competent, Catholic young men and women of conscience.’

There is an expectation that all students and staff will behave in ways that display the values that foster our Mission Statement.

The table summarises the behaviours expected in order for students to uphold the College values and to show respect for self, respect for others and respect for the environment.


 ‘Mission Statement’ 


What does it look like at our school?



Confident Catholic young men & women







·         Respect others in all ways

·         Model responsible behaviour

·         Be enthusiastic

·         Have personal goals

·         Set high standards and expectations

·         Believe in yourself

·         Work together to support each other




Competent Catholic young men & women







·         Do our best at all times

·         Provide an active and respectful learning  environment

·         Be punctual

·         Act honestly & take responsibility for our own actions

·         Act safely & follow directions

·         Come fully prepared for class – right attitude & right equipment

·         Use the College diary effectively

·         Make good choices



Catholic young men & women of









·         Listen to each other

·         Be aware of the feelings of others

·         Forgive others

·         Be a positive bystander

·         Learn from mistakes

·         Care for our environment – look after our amenities and equipment,                  place rubbish in the bins

·         Remember “Hands Off” at all times

·         Be considerate of others privacy

·         Be consistent

·         Give a chance for all to succeed at their own level








  • “The teachers and the students at the College are great and I can converse with them easily. The College has a great working and communicating environment.”

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