Student Management


Student Management practices are based on the William Glasser Choice Theory Psychology approach which believes all behaviour is purposeful and is aimed at satisfying one or more of the five Basic Needs: Survival, Power, Freedom, Fun and Love and Belonging. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for the decisions and when ineffective choices are made they are led through a process of self evaluation to arrive at more effective choices and the implementation of S.M.A.R.T. Plans. This is the William Glasser Reality Therapy process. As the focus is on the behaviour and not the individual the dignity and worth of the student is maintained.

Pastoral Leadership Team

The Pastoral Care Team at the College consists of the Director of Pastoral Care and Well Being, Mrs Lindy Sykes, working together with the Counsellor, the Youth Minister, Year Coordinators, the Directors of School and college staff.

Year Co-ordinators

Year 7

Year Co-ordinator – Miss Jessica Watts

Year 8

Year Co-ordinator – Mr Peter Trainer

Year 9

Year Co-ordinator – Mrs Kate Todd

Year 10

Year Co-ordinator – Mr Luke Trotz

Year 11

Year Co-ordinator – Mr Louie Tiglao

Year 12

Year Co-ordinator –  Mrs Jane Moran

Pastoral Care Structure

Tutor Teachers

Tutor Teachers meet daily with their Homeroom tutor group.  Their role is to attend to the administrative matters of the tutor group, deliver the tutor pastoral program that focuses on the three areas of Faith Development, Academic Resilience and Social Resilience, and be a significant support for each student’s wellbeing.

Year Co-ordinator

The Year Co-ordinator has responsibility to monitor school policies, procedures and practices to ensure that they are congruent with pastoral care aims and guidelines, and that they contribute positively to students’ welfare and development.

Director of Relationships

The Director of Pastoral Care and Well Being has a responsibility for the overall daily operation of pastoral care and community wellbeing at the College.

College Counsellor

The role of our college counsellor is to facilitate the emotional, academic and social well being across the College. Mrs Newham works closely with students, staff and parents to ensure a co-ordinated strategy for students as required.

The counsellor provides a confidential service to students and is bound only to disclose matters by Keep Them Safe legislation.

Mrs Newham may be contacted by phone or for appointments. Students from years 7 to 10 can access Mrs Newham via their Year Co-ordinator and students in years 11 and 12 can see her directly.

Learning Support

St Leo’s is a school community that caters for a wide range of students with specific individual learning needs. At St Leo’s we promote a culture of embracing individual differences, the inclusion of all students in school activities and support every student to achieve their personal best.

Learning Support staff at St Leo’s work closely with Year Coordinators and teachers to ensure the identification and appropriate support of students who find learning challenging. Learning Support initiatives are integrated into the school programs to support individuals and groups of students to access the curriculum.

Our Learning Support coordinator is Ms Michelle Teys.


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