Pastoral Care and Well-Being



St Leo’s Catholic College has a well-deserved reputation for providing high quality Pastoral Care for all students. The College has a comprehensive Pastoral Care program focused on promoting wellbeing, connectedness, resilience, mental health and positive relationships.

Significant resources are in place to assist students including Student Mentors, Year Leaders, Middle School and Senior School Leaders of Student Care, Leader of Learning Support, Youth Minister, College Counsellor, Director of Students and Director of Pastoral Care and Strategic Partnerships.

The focus of our Mentor Program is the building of positive relationships and encouraging holistic growth within the student: spiritual, academic, social / emotional and physical. All mentor activities are underpinned by whole College initiatives in and out of the classroom including the Mind Matters Program to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing strategies include:

  • Outdoor Recreation Program;
  • Senior spiritual retreats;
  • Award and recognition system;
  • Student Representative Council opportunities;
  • Year 7 and 10 Peer Support Program;
  • Girls lunchtime motivational talks;
  • Lunchtime games club;
  • Student Leader mentoring program;
  • College Mentoring program;
  • Peer Mentoring program;
  • Student led initiatives such as RUOK day, Mind Matters peer presentations and St Leo’s Day Fair;
  • Guest presenters for students and Parent Involvement Evenings around the topics of online safety & cyber bullying, healthy relationships, adolescent mental health and study habits;
  • Targeted programs that cater to the specific needs for each year group. Examples include: Men of Honour, Day of Hope, GPs in Schools, Brainstorm productions, Girls KYUP – self defence, Seasons for Growth and the Outback Pilgrimage;
  • Close liaison with a network of external service providers when required.


  • “We chose this high school for our children because of the pastoral care for the students and the academic focus that is balanced with physical development.”

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