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As teachers, parents and students we are perched on the cusp of an unprecedented wave of change.  We need to prepare our sons and daughters for a world which has not yet fully unfolded, and which we can only begin to imagine. Rapid technological advancement is redefining both the way in which human relationships develop and are nurtured and the nature of the workplace. Shifting political and economic power in the global domain is reshaping our domestic and international work opportunities.  The central key to survival and indeed success in such a confronting context is education.


The classroom and the curriculum no longer provide the only framework for education.  Students are able to watch history as it unfolds, access infinite tracts of information and dip into the myriad of new ideas and opinions that bounce around the world every minute.   Through the World Wide Web students can participate in this exciting activity of knowledge advancement both as observers and creators.  The world, then, is the new classroom and must inform curriculum.


At St Leo’s Catholic College we seek to capture simultaneously the radical possibilities presented by this time of change, and the imperative to build strong foundations that will enable our students to navigate this change.  These foundations exist in the timeless and universal need for sophisticated literacy and numeracy skills, as well as the ability to think critically and problem solve.  These skills are developed within the context of the mandatory and elective subjects offered by the Board of Studies, in an environment that embraces cutting edge technology to engage and advance student learning.


As a comprehensive high school St Leo’s provides a high standard of education that promotes the academic, spiritual, personal, social and physical development of each student.  Our school is committed to excellence in all areas of education and to the pursuit of learning as a lifelong experience   Our teachers are well prepared for their classes and we expect our students to bring commitment and diligence to their learning experience in the College. St Leo’s Catholic College offers a broad curriculum that seeks to:

  • foster and challenge the individuality, creativity, initiative and ability of all students.
  • provide structures that enable students to study in the areas and levels most appropriate to their abilities, needs and interests.


The College emphasises:

  • the acquisition of skills and attitudes necessary for the organisation of knowledge in such a way that concepts and phenomena are adequately explained and their usefulness enhanced – through an integration of skills, processes and content;
  • that learning is a human endeavour and that the way in which it relates to people is of fundamental importance – through the incorporation of Christian and Catholic values;
  • the importance of meeting the needs of the individual – through ability groupings, differentiated curriculum and strategies that cater for individual learning styles;
  • the necessity for independent learning strategies – through integrated, sequenced activities designed to build learning skills;
  • the responsibility all teachers have as teachers of literacy and numeracy – through specific strategies for the development of literacy and numeracy;
  •  the responsibility all teachers have in supporting and implementing information, communication and learning technologies – through specified strategies for incorporating appropriate technologies.

Key Learning Areas

All core subjects and a wide range of electives approved by the New South Wales Board of Studies are offered in the following Key Learning Areas:  Religion, English, Mathematics, Science, Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE), Technology and Applied Studies (TAS), Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE), Languages and Creative Arts.


  • “The teachers and the students at the College are great and I can converse with them easily. The College has a great working and communicating environment.”

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