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The Parent Network is a forum for direct two way communication between the Principal, College Leadership team and the parent body.  The St Leo’s Parent Network operates as a sub-committee of the College Board and promotes parent engagement and community building through:

  • Forums, including social functions, for parent inclusion and education
  • Opportunities for community conversation
  • Faith development and reflection.

Guiding Principles

The principles on which the Parent Network is founded are:

  • On-going openness and transparency
  • Build flexibility into the outcomes (i.e. processes and decisions)
  • Simplicity
  • Consistency with existing financial operations of the College
  • Aligned with and supporting SLCC Board and Broken Bay Dioceses
  • High awareness and engagement from parent and student community.

Meetings / Get-togethers

The Parent Network holds one main meeting (Principal’s Presentation) each term.  Typically, the format for the Principal’s Presentation meeting is:
7pm-7.30pm        Wine and cheese, informal conversation
7.30pm-8.30pm-    Presentation/Update by Principal
8.30pm-9.00pm        Questions from the floor – discussion

Additionally, the Parent Network runs a couple of workshops each year on topics of interest or assistance to parents and at least one session each year with a faith based/reflective focus.

Much research shows that parental interest and support in their children’s schooling positively contributes to the students’ overall outcomes.

There is room for many more parents to get involved, as well as plenty of volunteering opportunities. Please read the Parent Network section of The Pride newsletter – for updates and events to partner with St Leos.

One way to become more involved with the college community is to ensure that you are on the St. Leo’s Parent Network distribution list. Another way is to assist with college activities.

Please express your interest via or contact the current Parent Network Representative, Marinela Mendes.

We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming your participation.

Principal’s Update – at St Leo’s

Once a term, Anthony Gleeson, Principal of St Leo’s hosts a Principal’s Update and Parent Network cheese and wine. The format is a formal presentation or two followed by an open discussion. Approximately 50 – 60 parents attend the events. Interestingly, it’s not the same familiar faces and the gender split of Mums and Dads is balanced.

The presentations include updates from the college, topical education items including the top findings from contemporary education experts and sound longitudinal research studies.

More detailed information about any of the are then relayed in the newsletter for all college parents and families.  This open and transparent presentation and discussion format, seems to be encouraging families to stay engaged with the college in supporting their children to excel in their respective endeavours.

For more information about the Principal Update or Parent Network, email: Marinela Mendes.

Reading Support – Parent volunteers make a difference

At St Leo’s Catholic College, parents are assisting college staff in supporting students with literacy and reading.

Volunteer parent are rostered around their availability and the learning support sessions. Additionally, a group of reserve volunteers are called to fill in, if and as required.

The program has made a difference to many students, so much so that it has been extended to more students, and therefore more weekday slots.  In 2012 the support will extend to numeracy support.

For more information about the Literacy Program and volunteering, please contact
Sarah Szacsvay, Literacy Program Parent Co-ordinator.

St John’s Wahroonga – Soup Van

Several Wahroonga schools have joined to help deliver an evening meal once a week to the homeless in Hornsby.

This initiative has touched the heart and minds of many families, resulting in many St Leo’s volunteer parents participating in the training and the first of St Leo’s run of St John’s Soup Van. By all accounts the event was a humbling experience, on a wet and cold Tuesday evening.

For more information please contact Chris De Graaf, St John’s Soup Van Co-ordinator.


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