The St Leo’s Catholic College Board assists the Principal and College Leadership Team to develop and guide the St Leo’s Mission and vision.  Each year the Board reviews the needs of the College and sets new priorities.  The Board priorities for 2017 are:

  1. Improvements to the College buildings and site
  2. Supporting the partnership between parents, students and the College and
  3. Providing input and direction to the College Strategic Plan and Annual School Improvement Plan.

The Board actively promotes and supports a range of activities and programs that build the St Leo’s community, strengthen partnerships between families and the College and reach out to those in need.  Current major programs and activities supported by the Board include:

  • St Leo’s Parent Network
  • Coordinating the St Leo’s roster for the Hornsby soup van (The Dish)
  • Literacy Support Group
  • College Dinner


  • “The teachers and the students at the College are great and I can converse with them easily. The College has a great working and communicating environment.”

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