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Lion Heart Ministry 

The Year 11 students who have been involved in the Lion Heart Ministry ‘Thermal Kit’ project were incredibly excited this week when the kits finally arrived from our overseas supplier. With an order of 150 units, each kit contains a blanket, beanie and pair of gloves. The students are proud of what they have achieved as they raised over $3,000 to fund this project. The aim is to commence handing out the kits to those in need once the cooler weather begins to set in. Moving forward, the students are busy brainstorming for their next project and should anyone wish to donate to this cause, they can visit the Lion Heart Ministry Facebook page (@lionheartministry) or follow us on Twitter (@LionHMinistry). A special thanks to all the parents, students, staff, College friends and corporate businesses who so generously donated to the cause. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated!


Our students are travelling into the city this week to deliver their thermal kits – Students finding their greatness!





























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